Friday, June 25, 2010

Enhance Your Antique Furniture

Do not be surprised if today's many offers to enhance your antique furniture made of rattan, wood, such as antique furniture antique chairs, antique tables, antique dressing table and other decorations made from such materials. If it is worn with age, the furniture is weathered and the paint will be opaque.

To overcome these take an already shelled walnut pieces about a quarter of a kilogram and pound until smooth. Wrap that has been finely powdered walnut on a clean piece of rag, press bundle instant hazelnut hazelnut oil in order to appear on the pore surface of these fabrics. Use oils that have been out of the pores of the cloth to polish furniture antique chair or table that 's type is opaque, its color would be shiny and bright as new. Let stand for a moment to dry and absorb the hazelnut oil and to produce a good style furniture. You can also use this tips to maintain the beauty of your design Couchtisch.
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