Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Principles Of Success

  1. success starts in your head, is fueled by your heart, and the results are driven by your actions.Jared F. Martinez
  2. Be honest in everything you do!
  3. be a promise keeper.
  4. The rules in our life protect us and help us get where we are going faster and safer.
  5. Listen, don’t interrupt.
  6. Your comments and words are like ringing a bell; once the bell is rung, you cannot “un-ring” it! Your words are like the sound of the bell—they resonate!
  7. If you are locked into executing bad habits, you are unconsciously incompetent. If you are locked into executing good habits, you are called unconsciously competent. The road to success involves the recognition of unconscious incompetence, then passing through to conscious incompetence, working your way to conscious competence, and eventually arriving at unconscious competence.In achieving this you have purged yourself of your bad habits and have replaced them with productive, automatic, good habits that allow you to perform successful actions without thinking about them
  8. Successful traders think before they act to execute successful trading habits.
  9. Successful traders manage their emotions; unsuccessful traders let their emotions manage them.
  10. When something doesn’t go according to plan or doesn’t go your way, do you throw a temper tantrum and have a “mental meltdown”? Unsuccessful people usually do.
  11. A person with a constructive ego believes their mind is like a parachute; it only works when it is open.
  12. optimist believes there is an answer to every question and a solution to every problem, whereas the pessimist believes most questions have no answer and most problems are unsolvable.
  13. All people make mistakes, but only wise people learn from them.
  14. Mistakes can be resolved and corrected as long as you believe there is a solution.
  15. Failure is not falling down; failure is staying down.
  16. You must let go of your past failures and focus on where you are going.
  17. Successful people live by what they believe not by how they feel.
  18. >Let our journey begin…
  19. No one knows where the next pip will go, so the best you can do is plan your trade and trade your plan.
  20. Make no mistake, there is no holy grail!
  21. If learning to become a successful trader is something you really want to achieve, you will need to prepare yourself to read the signs of the market.It is there you will find success.

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