Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Few Sentences Posted by Mr. Mario Teguh on His Facebook Page

Pickup stopped in the north of my cattle barn. Apparently the pickup truck just to transport hundreds or perhaps thousands of ducks. The most makes me like the object is a picture that was stuck right at the back, a door that closed basins.

As an illustration of the drawing are as follows. There are pictures of people squatting tending his ducks and someone on the road. People who are on the street says,  why your life is just like that's. With a nonchalant expression while enjoying a cigarette, the shepherd duck said, "no problem."

Recalled, a few sentences posted by Mr. Mario Teguh on his facebook page:

People are fond of criticizing and demeaning others, often do not realize that he had criticized from lower place. Whatever their critics, stay focused on learning and work to make yourself better and more capable. Usually, the PEOPLE who love to criticize others, his life is not BETTER ... THAN criticizes.
Be patient.

It's so easy we criticize others, without realizing that our own self is not necessarily better than others. But I am as Blogger Indonesia Dukung Internet Aman, Sehat & Manfaat do not care whatever other people say about me.
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