Friday, July 9, 2010

Prediksi Spanyol vs Belanda: win the World Cup for the first time

Prediksi Spanyol vs Belanda
Spain vs Netherlands Prediction is not a guess based on Paul the Octopus. The source of this prediction is taken from various sports sites.

Dutch and Spanish are the two best teams who will be performing at the World Cup 2010 final stage. The two new teams first met in the World Cup tournament in 2010. The rest of the two teams met only in friendly matches and European Cup qualification.

In eight meetings, the Netherlands won four times, once a draw and three defeats. But they last met in 2002 in a friendly games. whoever wins this match, will be making history to win the World Cup for the first time.

Meeting both goal difference always produces thin. In the final course will be very interesting, because they have never won the World Cup. Of course very difficult to determine the winner of the Spain vs. Netherlands predictions this time.

Netherlands best achievement is to become a finalist in 1974 and 1978 and never won the European Cup in 1988. While Spain is the best achievement of the top four of the year 1950. In the European Cup, the team has two time champion Matador (1964 and 2008).

Head to head Spain vs Holland

March 27, 2002: Netherlands 1-0 Spain (Friendship)
15 November 2000: Spain 1-0 Netherlands (Friendship)
January 21, 1987: Spain 1-1 Netherlands (Friendship)
16 November 1983: Netherlands 2-1 Spain (European Cup Qualifying)
16 February 1983: Spain 1-0 Netherlands (European Cup Qualifying)

Prediksi skor akhir: Spain (50) vs. (50) The Netherlands (1-2)
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