Thursday, July 29, 2010

How To Get More Youtube Viewers

There is a great opportunity to do free promotion. Just imagine, how much it costs to be incurred for the audiovisual serving ads on television media? Very expensive and not necessarily a good response from the audience, why? This happens because most viewers are not too responsive to advertising. What about Youtube? Let us review in this article.

Each video interesting to get more than 1 million viewers and not a few videos that have been viewed more than 10 million times, compared with ads on TV. Then what is the impact of businessmen? It's certainly a chance of audiovisual advertisements viewed by hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers.

What should we do to get more youtube views and the products we sell? There are some things that should not be overlooked, among others:

  1. Demonstrate that you want to sell the product in detail
  2. Focus on something that is funny or something that makes viewers want to share it with others
  3. Make something controversial or show your skills
  4. If you want to say the video is an advertisement, then explain that the ads you make is the best ad of this century
  5. Add music that evokes the spirit of
  6. Invite the viewer to comment on your video
  7. Do not forget to include your video ending with your url.
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