Saturday, July 10, 2010

Prediksi Spanyol vs Belanda : Boasting from High Intelligence Animal

Paul the Octopus crap lately became a byword in several media. But why do we as humans have more confidence by boasting of an animal?. Humans more intelligent than animals. According to the Octopus I guess Paul is just coincidence. Consider the following descriptions.

Prediksi Spanyol vs Belanda, but if you notice if the option Paul always falls on the state with more striking colors of light alias? An example occurred when Germany was defeated Serbia in the phase of the allowance for the Group.

Color the flag of Serbia is a striking blend of colors, namely red, blue, white, base color with a red emblem in the middle of the third color. Paul deftly choosing the color of Serbia than Germany which has black alloys, red, and yellow.

Sure enough, it turns out Paul's true choice because of Serbia 1-0 win over Germany.

Sign in phase 16 of the returning Paul was asked to predict the German counter-England match. Here the German flag colors more nge-Jreng than those based on the British flag white with large red crosses.

Paul chose the color flag with the most conspicuous among them, namely Germany. Once again 'prophecy' is true because the Germans won 4-1.

In the quarter-finals, Argentina are juxtaposed with the turn of the German flag. Argentina dominated the flag colors of blue and white soft and not draw attention to Paul. Finally the Octopus who cared for Oliver Walenciak select the color flag of Germany. True again, the team shaved Panzer Tango team 4-0.

But in the semi-color flag of Germany defeated Spain ngejreng than the color of the flag. Matador team flag colors are red and yellow with the logo in the middle kingdom. Clearly this is more brightly colored than the German flag has a black color. Predictable if the Paul again chose a more striking color that is owned by Spain.

Whether or not affected by the prediction result, Germany fell in the hands of Spain with a slim 0-1 score. This prediction was even made Paul as being the most hated in Germany.

Regardless of the controversy, back Paul the Octopus chose the winner for the final between Spain vs Netherlands and Germany struggle for third place between contra Uruguay. As you can see, the Dutch flag colors of red, white and blue flag was still less marked than Spanish.

Uruguay flag color was almost identical to the flag of Argentina. Nothing wrong if then Paul chose Germany over the state flag cs Diego Forlan.

Octopus on the list of animals who have high intelligence. Octopus proved to have short-and long-term memory. Head of Animal Care Weymouth Sea Life Park, Fiona Smith, said, "Usually the octopus like Paul is very smart. We equate them with the dog's intelligence. They like to solve problems. "

According to Wikipedia, the eyes of the octopus "could" distinguish the polarization of light. But it is doubtful whether he could recognize the color or not. Nevertheless, the results of 'prophecy' Paul in the 2010 World Cup always has a lighter color. Does this result also back to being real?

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